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Cleaning up the water

One of the things I love doing, besides scuba diving, is cleaning trash out of the rivers and lakes. The fishing lures aren’t trash to me, but they can really harm fish, mud puppies, birds and other animals, so it makes me happy to get them out of the water. The most common trash I find is aluminum cans. Crayfish often makes their homes in these cans, so I gotta make sure I check the cans before I throw them away, and get the crayfish back in the water. Mud puppies seem to get tangled up from fishing line and hooked by the treble hooks on the lures that are stuck in between rocks. Now that the water is warmer, I can wear thinner gloves, which makes it easier for me to help untangle and unhook all these creatures. I also tend to get the hooks stuck on my gloves less when I’m wearing the thinner ones.

If you haven’t checked out my YouTube yet, please do! You’ll find videos with a LOT of awesome moments and finds, along with many cool people I’ve met along the way.

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