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Underwater Scuba Diving

For many more videos please check out my YouTube and TikTok links above

Money Does Grow on Trees

Here is a video of when I found almost 500 lures on a single underwater tree branch ... Wow! 

Chute Pond Cleanup

We found the keys to a Toyota Rav 4 which we returned to the park office

Duck Creek Quarry Dive

Group dive with some beautiful clear water and lots of fish in the video. 

Many local kids that day fishing got given some of my lure finds. 

Four Rivers of Diving over $800 in tackle

A video of these yet to be deaned and rehooked lures laid out on a single table. 

Lead found in the Menominee River Recycled!

There can be hundreds of pounds of lead from lost tackle in many popular fishing spots. 

My goal was to take these wildlife hazards out  and recycle them. 

Basket of Lures

A typical haul from a day of diving. 

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