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Lure Clean up Party w/ Guest - 9-28-21

Join us for our humor-filled weekly Tuesday evening lure and tackle cleaning webcast where Ed the Diver converses with fans via his Live streams to YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook Live.

For this and other Ed the Diver scheduled web events and appearances, please check out the calendar page on the Ed the Diver website

This week we had a special guest on the show with his diving friend Jason Younk.

(We even have for some uniquely Ed reason a tasting of some pickled vegetables as well as what happens to when Ed he eats a super hot piece of beef jerky)

Check out our increased visual efforts in this video with two camera footage to give guests a better view of how much work is involved in cleaning and recycling lures.

Ed the Diver is committed to helping clean up our rivers and lakes so that human trash and lost fishing tackle don't get left in the bottoms of our rivers and lakes and harm other fish and animals.

Help Ed with his endeavor by purchasing recycled lures and other items from his website

Thanks for your continued support and Dive Hard!

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