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Lake Michigan Dives

Yesterday (Sunday, June 13th, 2021), I drove over to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, to meet up with 2 of my followers from TikTok. They brought me to 4 locations to dive for fishing lures and a ship wreck. I had a blast! I hoped I’d find a LOT of fishing lures, but ended up finding only about 4, along with a Leatherman pliers. Their was already so much underwater vegetation growing on the rocks and bottom, that it was hard to find tackle. 🤣 Oh was great meeting Glen and Jackie and just diving new places. It was a very pleasant drive out to Door County and I enjoyed the scenery the whole way. I saw SO many Smallmouth Bass, that I really wanted to grab my fishing rod and catch them! I’ll be editing the video for it soon and posting it on my YouTube channel. After I arrived back to my home area, I stopped in at “Fat Ladies Beach” by the lighthouse in Menominee, Michigan, and cleaned up some garbage in the water. Then, I swam about 150 yards out, and found, what I believed to be, a shipwreck!! I never even knew about it! I saw several more bass and a whole school of suckers. It was so cool!! The photo below is from the wreck... or maybe it was an old pier...? Anyhow, I had a wonderful day, and wore my wetsuit from about 9:30 AM until about 3:30 PM. My feet were pretty soggy in my dive boots. 🤣

My truck ended up smelling like a wet dog, so I had to keep the windows rolled down most of the day. 😆 It was well worth it! I think that I was the “wet dog”, but gotta live a little and enjoy life. The deepest I dove during the day was only about 20 feet, out in Sturgeon Bay. It was nice to be able to have good visibility and comfortable water temperatures. The only bad part of the trip, was when I ordered (and paid for) 2 sandwiches and a medium curly fries from Arby’s on the way home. I ate the 2 sandwiches and reached into the bag for the curly fries.... NOT there! 😢

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