Hi folks!


I was born and raised on a farm in Lena, WI.

I began my diving recovery business around 2017, with just a cheap diving mask, swim trunks, a boogie board and some old gym shoes. Most of my dives were near Stephenson Island in Marinette and it just progressed from there.


I became Scuba Certified (PADI) in late 2020 through M&M Diving in Menominee, MI by instructor and renaissance man Bob Berg. He is a fountain FULL of knowledge and experience!  I have met so many other divers in just the past year!

Still, room for improvement but I'm having a great time making mistakes along the way!

More lures & merch will be available soon!  I even started making my own merch!

Until then, keep up with me with the usual social media suspects.  The "fuller" versions of my dive and recovery videos can be watched on my YouTube channel.  Please be sure to subscribe and/or follow my channels and leave comments for me to read.