Small Mystery Tackle Box Includes:


(Qty-1) - Signed Small Tackle Tray

(Qty-1) - Husky Jerk (12 or 14, Shallow or Deepdiver)

(Qty-1) - Rippin' Rap

(Qty-1) - Rattlin' Rap, Rat-L-Trap, or Lipless Crankbait

(Qty-1) - Flicker Shad or Billed Crankbait

(Qty-1) - Blade or Spoon

(Qty-2) - Jigs

(Qty-1) - Sticker

(Qty-10) - Swivels


** The lures that will be included may not be the identical color to those shown/listed here but they will be of the same type and quantities shown above. **

Combo Pack w/ Small Tackle Box, Grey Shirt & 3 Pack of Stickers