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Teaching Menominee, MI Students About Scuba Diving and Cleaning Up the Water

I felt honored when a teacher from a local school asked me to come and speak to the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders (about 300 kids) about what I do. Over a period of about 3 1/2 hours, I was able to answer their questions and show them some of the cool stuff I’ve found, so far. Any questions you can think of.... they probably asked it! I was happy to hear them laugh at times at my corny dad humor, but was pretty bummed that I couldn’t see their smiles, due to the mask mandate. After each speech, I put all of my diving gear on and gave them a LIVE demonstration, right in the Menominee Marina (I had permission). For each dive, I was able to find some trash and get it out of the marina. The kids loved it!!

Many were eager to hold the rope that I had tethered to my BC vest, along with holding my favorite “Dive” baseball cap when I hopped in the water. After re-surfacing from each dive, the kids and teaching staff cheered and were waving at me. I felt pretty special! 😀

Each class made a HUGE “Thank You” card for me and they all signed it. All of the teachers even signed a card for me!! A few days later, I received a custom booklet with words of encouragement and appreciation from numerous students. I was pretty stoked and happy. They put a LOT of hard work into them!

I look forward to sharing my adventures and treasures with many more students, adults, fellow (or future) divers, groups, etc. Feel free to get in touch with me through the website if you are interested in having me come and speak with a group that you represent. A HUGE “Thank You” to my friends Buddy and Paul for all the hard work that they did to help me prepare and hold this event. They had stickers made for all the kids, along with 2 banners for the exhibit tables. They also took video and photos to help me share the special moments from the event. Also, John from the local newspaper “Eagle Herald” wrote an awesome piece on the whole event. Thank you!


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